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Yvonne Cones

       We are seeing a lot about politics on TV right now but do you know anything about our local elections? You will have a really good chance to talk to the local candidates on February 3 when the County is opening the San Jacinto Community Shelter in Coldspring for this purpose. This is a non partisan event and all candidates are invited to come to talk to the public about their aims and campaigns. Candidates are encouraged to bring materials, signs and other items and they should make sure they let their County Chair know they are participating.The county needs to know how many tables they have to set up and candidates are asked to arrive by 5 PM. The event starts at 6 PM till 9 PM. Commissioner McAnally is considering a repeat of this evening if this first one is successful.

       Did you know that the last day to register to vote is February 3? Early voting starts on February 18 in Coldspring at the Administration building. The primaries will be on March 3. If you want to know more, go to the web sites of the parties and you will find details there.

       This month the Shepherd Chamber  'Business of the Month' award went to 'Texas Grill & Cafe'. It's not an easy thing to convert from a coffee and sandwich cafe to a grill, but William LaCoste and his staff are making great headway! You can still get great coffee there and delicious breakfasts. We ate breakfast there this week, which starts at 6 AM and the hours are now extended to 7 PM from Thursday through Saturday. Baked potatoes, BBQ and half pound burgers and the Cheese Burger Split are back on the menu. For more, call 936-402-8800 or go to their Facebook page.

       SJC Women's League is gearing up for their annual Style Show. To be held on March 12 in Jones Auditorium, lunch, a silent auction and the runway Style Show will feature models from the Women's League wearing the latest clothes from a local fashion store. The tickets are on sale now for $25 at Coldspring Senior Center. This is always a fun and entertaining afternoon!

       CABMA are planning their February 1 Car Show. This is held in Coldspring Courthouse Square and it is a great way for car owners to show off their vehicles and enjoy free coffee and donuts too! The event starts at 9 AM and finishes at noon. Go to their Facebook page for photos and info, Coldspring Area Business and Merchants Association. 

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