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Yvonne Cones

Coldspring Chamber of Commerce

31 N Butler St., Coldspring, TX 77331



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Shepherd Chamber of Commerce

P O Box 520, Shepherd, TX 77371



     The Community & Children's Impact Center in Shepherd will hold another Food Distribution on Friday August 21 from 5 PM till 8PM. The location at 1020 N. Byrd Ave will also feature celebrities who will turn out to help give out the food and to mingle with the people. Brenda Myers has lots of sports and TV celebrity  friends who enjoy being part of the Center's activities. Derrick Woods, a former Detroit Lions player is organizing the list of people who will be there. Brenda and her Board members really work hard, last time they served a total of over 200 families, 790 individuals altogether. Quite a number! Everything is free and since a very large crowd is expected, please park carefully!

    Welcome back Crystal to Shepherd Library! The windows have been decorated by Crystal who has taken the part time position at the Library helping Linda . The Friends of Shepherd Library funded the purchase of a new DVD/CD cleaner. If you want to have your scratched discs cleaned up, it is $1 per item.

    Shepherd Chamber of Commerce decided to hold a photo competition, since most of us a staying in a lot of the time. This is a fun event meant to give those so inclined a chance to send in their photos and to win a prize. Sorry, we can't offer mega millions! First prize will be a $50 gift card, second will be a $30 gift card and third will be one for $20. Best of the bunch, including non-winners, will have their photo published on our web site and in the paper. So, what is the theme? "Funny photo of my pet or animal''. The latter is included for those who don't have a pet but may catch the squirrel in their yard or perhaps a racoon up to their tricks.

     Here are the rules and instructions.
Take a photo of your pet (or another animal) which is amusing or entertaining. Do not dress up your pet. Include their name in the entry.
Send by text to 936-628-3890, the Chamber's phone number or you can mail it to the Chamber address, 16, N. Liberty St. Shepherd 77371.
You have till the end of September to send in your entry. Include your name, phone number and email address if you have one.
Photo must be original, not taken from Facebook or other sources!
Entry is free. Judging will be done by Board members.

    If this competition is a success, I have an idea for another one!