Did You Know?  by  Yvonne Cones

Coldspring Chamber of Commerce

31 N Butler St., Coldspring, TX 77331



I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Shepherd  Chamber member Bruce McKinzie is holding a ‘Woman’s Self Defense Seminar for Mom and Daughter’ on May 15 from 12-2 PM. The cost is just $35 for the two! I have seen a short display of Bruce showing how women can escape being attacked and this is a great idea for moms and their girls. Call 281-387-8782, located at 11104 Hwy 150 suite 400, next to ‘Fierce Nutrition’.
Shepherd Chamber of Commerce gave The Business of the Month award to new business ‘Texas Glam Girlz’. Misty Slawson is the owner of this boutique which is also housed in her dry cleaning store. She has a selection of Prom dresses, a wide variety of jewelry and lots of clothes for the summer. Call in to see it all at the corner of Hwy 150 and S. Byrd by the traffic lights. 1281 S. Byrd Ave. Misty also has a tanning room for those who want to get the bronzed look!
Coldspring Garden Club is meeting on the first Thursday of the month at Coldspring Community Center. They meet at 1.30 PM , look them up on Facebook!
Pro Star Waste welcomes new customers with a really great starter package. Inside is a clear, easy to read Trash Pick Up Calendar with all the dates marked when you can expect your pick up! It is in English and Spanish and gives instructions on how and when to place your garbage cans out side, what you can and can not put in your garbage and much more. Pro Star Waste is a fine company and community helper. They now have a Mobile App that residential customers can download so they never forget their collection day again! www.prostarwaste.com  or call 1-855-569-2719.
Both Coldspring and Shepherd Chambers will be looking at their scholarship entries soon. 
Shepherd Library holds a Read-A-Long for pre-schoollers every Monday at 2 PM. All are welcome. Every time you attend, you get a punch on your punch card. Five punches = one treasure!!

Shepherd Chamber of Commerce

P O Box 520, Shepherd, TX 77371



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