Welcome Newcomers!

If you are new to our area, we can give you some information that will help you get settled:

In an emergency ALWAYS dial 911


Cable & Internet Provider:  Eastex Telephone (now has Fiber Optic Cable)
Election Office:  936.653.5804

Electric Power:  Sam Houston Electric Co-op, 936.653.5400
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Internet Provider:  Eastex Telephone

Library:  936.653.3104 Coldspring

Motor Vehicles:  936.653.2311

Newspapers: San Jacinto News Times, 936.653.2225

Phone:  Eastex Telephone, 800.732.7839

Post Office: 936.653.2223

School District:  COCISD, 936.653.1115

Senior Citizens:  936.653.4175

Trash Compactor:  Coldspring, 936.653.2509
Water Company:  San Jacinto Special Utility District, 936.653.4384 


Cable & Internet Provider:  Eastex Telephone

Trash Compactor:  936.377.2481

Point Blank:

Cable & Internet Provider:  Eastex Telephone

City of Point Blank - 936.377.2899



City of Shepherd: 936.628.3305

Cable & Internet Provider:  Eastex Telephone

Electric Power:  Entergy 800.368.3749

                       Sam Houston Electric Co-op 936.653.5400 

Library:  936.628.3515

Post Office:  936.628.6922

School District:  936.628.3396

Senior Citizens: 

Trash Compactor:  936.628.3267


Note:  We strive for accuracy while depending on others for input!